iG:Syntax Hiliter

I just set up the new WordPress 1.5.
There is a WordPress plugin called iG:Syntax Hiliter which supports syntax highlightning for several languages. Here the test:

class de.rivavx.pattern.singleton.Singleton {
	private static var _instance:Singleton = null;
	private function Singleton(){
	public static function getInstance(Void):Singleton{
		if(Singleton._instance == null){
			Singleton._instance = new Singleton();
		return Singleton._instance;

< ?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<root><node name="test" /></root>

In the default-setting the code boxes have a fixed size 500px width 100 px height. If you comment the line 743 in the “syntax_hilite.php” the code boxes are variable as in my example:

function hilite_header() {
	global $cssStyles;
	$hHead = "<style type=\"text/css\">\n";
	$hHead .= ".syntax_hilite {\n";
	$hHead .= "padding:3px 3px 10px 8px; border:1px solid #770000; background-color:#FEFEFE; font-size:13px; font-family:'Courier New',Courier,monospace;\n";
// comment the line below if you don't want fixed width & height with scrollbars
//	$hHead .= "width:500px; height:100px; overflow:auto; white-space:nowrap;";
	$hHead .= "}\n".$cssStyles;
	$hHead .= "\n</style>\n";

I would appreciate if the width and height can be set individually while publishing like [as height=200px]
But anyways! This plugin works like a charm and I’d like to thank the author!

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