I found a free Icon-Tool Iconmaker (what a name!) which supports icons for Windows XP in 32-bit color depth. You only have to register on there website and get a free key via email. Direct download here.
This is required for creating Icons for SWF Studio which I use as Flash wrapper for Flash […]

Making Flash without Flash

A while ago an open source flash compiler was developed by Nicolass Cannasse called MTASC. Today the new MTASC release 1.02 was published.
Now it is possible to compile SWFs within Eclipse and the ASDT plugin.

You can find a tutorial on this […]

Making the Datagrid dragable

Currently I am building custom components which contain the DataGrid component.
When a datagrid row is selected the cellPress-event is fired. In the method handling this event a dragaction is initiated handled by a Singleton-class the DragManager.
The problem: when the mouse is pressed and you roll over other rows the rows get a rollOver and get highlighted […]


Kittentoshi.com relaunched.
I made a flashsite for my friend Alexandra who works as a professional designer. To give Alex a good possibility to handle updates I developed a simple XML engine. The site content is dynamic and defined in a XML file which referrs to content SWFs. The navigation is based on the XML structure and on […]

Macromedia News

I don’t know how many use the Macromedia News Firefox Extension.
This is a small icon in the bottom right corner of the browser which blinks when new News are available. When you click the icon you get an overview of all news and can click one which opens in a new tab (can be defined in […]

Flash ASO Caching problems

When you work with AS 2.0 and classes you have to be aware of the fact that Flash MX 2004 (Pro) uses some kind of caching. When a AS 2.0 class is compiled an ASO-File is generated which is located “SYSTEM_HD/Documents & Settins/USERNAME/Local Settings/Application Data/Macromedia/Flash MX 2004/en/Configuration/Classes/aso”. There can be problems if you are working on […]