MTASC 1.05 released

MTASC 1.5 was released today.
The changes:
– fixed type required to String for for…in variable
– fixed operator priority : a || b && c -> a || (b && c)
– error when multiple extends, interface cannot extends class
– warning when import not used (no longer add class)
– fixed error message when class not found
– register only one […]


Using the new AMFPHP 1.0 which is still in beta I heaviliy used the documentation which is created with DokuWiki.
I set up a DokuWiki for my own project I am currently running and I am very pleased with the features and its simplicity. There are of course many other Wikis out there with more features like […]

Escape Characters Confusion

Today I ran into a problem about character encoding. I saved text in a self developed flash desktop application in an external XML file. The text was escaped using the escape-function of Flash.
Another application had to load the text from the XML file and the special characters were broken although I unescaped the text.
What was the […]

Flash Projector Tools Reviewed

Today Flashmagazine published a few reviews and feature comparison of the main Flash Projector Tools.
I am using Northcodes SWF Studio V2.2 and am still waiting for the next release of SWF Studio V3.
From the features Zinc looks promising but I heard that there are many bugs and the support is not […]


Mike Chambers just blogged that Adobe and Macromedia are willing to merge.

Wow, this is breaking news but is it good or bad news? Madobemedia?
Mike Chambers also announced Flash 8 for the second half of 2005. Let us hope the merge won’t effect the Flash 8 release.

What else will be effected by this marriage?
FlashPaper vs. PDF
Freehand vs. […]

FLVTool2 – Another FLV Meta Data Injector

Norman Timmler from inlet media developed the open source tool FLVTool2 in Ruby to add metadata to an FLV.
The tool was primary developed for the new Riva FLV Encoder 2.0 released two weeks ago.
Main features of FLVTool2:

batch processing
custom meta information injection
directory recursion
can run at server side

With the added metadata the resulting FLV is in version 1.1.

There […]