FLVTool2 – Another FLV Meta Data Injector

Norman Timmler from inlet media developed the open source tool FLVTool2 in Ruby to add metadata to an FLV.
The tool was primary developed for the new Riva FLV Encoder 2.0 released two weeks ago.
Main features of FLVTool2:

  • batch processing
  • custom meta information injection
  • directory recursion
  • can run at server side

With the added metadata the resulting FLV is in version 1.1.

There are two other tools FLV MetaData Injector from Burak and flv duration from swfx.org.
The advantage of FLVTool2 is that it is open source, server side with Ruby and of course custom meta information injection. This means you can add any name-value-pair to an FLV and read it out in the NetStream onMetaData-Event.
The Riva FLV Encoder e.g. adds the variable “encoder” with the value “Riva FLV Encoder”.

Default metadata added: width, height, duration, videodatarate, filesize, metadatacreator, metadatadate, videosize, audiosize, lasttimestamp, datasize, framerate, audiodatarate

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