MTASC 1.04 released

With the new version of MTASC many things are improved but again you have to change some parts of your code where the compiler behaviour changed.

My changes to compile with 1.04:
mx/events/ -> “==” should be “=”

Add the following classes from DataSet.swc to your mx-classpath (rename swc to zip, extract, rename asi to as and remove packagename):

The changelog
– “for” optional first parameter and expression
– fixed while( o )++ i;
– added error when duplicate import statement (with same or different
– added class-exist import check
=> import will now link classes
– fixed typing error with single “var” in a block
– fixed parser error with a?b:c and big left-expression
– fixed bug when catching “imported” exception class
– changed boolean operators typing
– added -flash6 for F6 compilation
– added -trace for custom trace function
– added optional color component for -header

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