MTASC 1.05 released

MTASC 1.5 was released today.
The changes:
– fixed type required to String for for…in variable
– fixed operator priority : a || b && c -> a || (b && c)
– error when multiple extends, interface cannot extends class
– warning when import not used (no longer add class)
– fixed error message when class not found
– register only one time the package
– errors on 32K bytecode size limit reached
– fixed operators priority for | ^ & against >> and % against * /
– forbid contructor returns and return type (modified headers)
– fixed class ordering problem with -keep
– fixed calls to super getter/setter problem

If you are using PrimalScript check out the integration of MTASC explained by Bit-101. You can also integrate Swfmill into this process explained on

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