MTASC 1.07 released

MTASC 1.07 is available.
Changes :
– fixed -keep + -main
– added ‘con’ error message
– SharedObject.getRemote argument to Object.
– added “print”.
– added deprecated keywords usage error.
– fixed “main” duplication
– […]

Flash Open Source Mailinglist & Wiki

The yahoo-group I founded is dead. Long live If you are interested in Open Source Flash development join the mailinglist and […]

Store Wars, no comment, just check […]

Flash Open Source Mailinglist

I started to use FAME for a while and there are so many topics and questions around this that the MTASC-list had many off topic posts.
For this purpose I set up the list Flash Open Source at yahoogroups:

You might say that the arcticle says all what you need about setting up FAME but […]

MTASC 1.06 released

MTASC 1.06 is released today with important fixes:

Changes are the following :
– fixed IO.No_more_input message
– fixed 32K limit calculation
– fixed bug with auto register class
– main now takes “this” as parameter and is delayed (onEnterFrame)
– added […]

Eclipse with NetConnection Debugger

Developing with FAME (Flashout, ASDT, MTASC, Eclipse) works really nice. When I was working on a remoting application with AMFPHP I missed the NetConnection Debugger which had to run in a seperate window in a Flashplayer.
Christopher Allen from the MTASC mailinglist gave me a hint, that the PHPEclipse-plugin has an integrated Webbrowser.
After a bit of research […]