Eclipse with NetConnection Debugger

Developing with FAME (Flashout, ASDT, MTASC, Eclipse) works really nice. When I was working on a remoting application with AMFPHP I missed the NetConnection Debugger which had to run in a seperate window in a Flashplayer.
Christopher Allen from the MTASC mailinglist gave me a hint, that the PHPEclipse-plugin has an integrated Webbrowser.
After a bit of research I saw that not the complete plugin is needed for the integrated NetConnection Debugger. You only have to copy the plugin “net.sourceforge.phpeclipse.webbrowser_1.1.3” into the Eclipse plugin directory. An overview about the PHPEclipse modules can be found here.
In Eclipse do the following: Window->Show View->Other->PHPEclipse Web Development->PHP Browser. Point the browser to the “NetConnection Debugger.swf” and that’s it.
The “NetConnection Debugger.swf” comes with the AS 1.0 Remoting Components. After installation you find the swf here: Documents & Settings\[USER]\Local Settings\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash MX 2004\en\Configuration\WindowsSWF.
You can also copy the “Service Browser.swf” and use it within Eclipse.

Eclipse NetConnection Debugger

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  • Nice Tip! I tried doing this earlier but I never figured away around having the flash IDE open.

  • Thank you a lot for the tutorial! This works great. I’ve inegrated Flash LiveDocs into Eclipsу using this tutorial!

    Howd’u think, is it legal/correct to pack “net.sourceforge.phpeclipse.webbrowser_1.1.3” into zip file and distibute it for using by Flash developers? Because the wholу PHPEclipse plugin is pretty large, 11 mb..

  • You are welcome!
    I don’t know if it’s legal but who cares about 11MB in these days 😉 and I hate handling with legacy issues.

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  • hi, is there a trick for using remoting (and the netconnection debugger) with MTASC ? all I get is a bunch of unused classes errors, and other wrong types errors in mx.remoting
    a tutorial or something would be awesome

  • Sönke

    You have to fix all errors, also check, which is very similar.

  • manuvers

    just a simple question of compatibility.
    i want to use your technique for the netDebugger and the Admintools but the problem is the following:
    actual version of flashout works only with eclipse 3.1 and…
    phpeclipse 1.1.4 works only with eclipse 3.0.x but not with eclipse 3.1.
    you see the problem !
    Is phpeclipse 1.1.3 compatible with eclipse 3.1 ?
    I try to you only the webbrowser 1.1.3 of the phpeclipse plugin and I see.
    If you a solution thanks for your answer.

  • Sönke

    I also only use the webbrowser 1.1.3 and it works with Eclipse 3.1.


  • I try to run on Linux NetConnectionDebugger.swf with Fames, but when open remoting connection, information in NetConnectionDebugger fields is empty.

    The reason may be because I don’t use #include

    Do you know how to to run NetConnection Debugger with AS2 syntax ?


  • Sönke

    Hi Nicolay,
    check my AMFPHP example which uses only AS 2.0.

  • Thanks Sonke

    Work Perfectly on Linux

    After modify in 2 places on Macromedia Remoting Classes

    1. In row 93 on mx.remoting.debug.GlobalLocalConnection


    var suc:Boolean = true;


    var suc = true;

    2. and in mx.remoting.debug.commands.GetConfig

    create contsructor and put super() there

    and remove from GetConfigCommand() method super().

    Thats is all to work on Linux :))

    Thanks again

  • Hi Sönke,

    thanks for sharing this nice idea!!

    P.S. Your tip works fine with the Internal Web Browser too (Window -> Show View -> Other -> Basic -> Internal Web Browser). If anyone don’t want to install PHPEclipse…


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