Flash Open Source Mailinglist

I started to use FAME for a while and there are so many topics and questions around this that the MTASC-list had many off topic posts.
For this purpose I set up the list Flash Open Source at yahoogroups: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/flashopensource

You might say that the actionscript.com arcticle says all what you need about setting up FAME but there are many things more like the integration of SWFMill. People think about building Eclipse Plugins which work as a library and many exciting things more.
I alreay wrote a little tutorial on how to integrate the NetConnection Debugger into Eclipse.

At this point a great THANK YOU to Nicalas Cannasse from Motion Twin for his great work on the MTASC compiler! Without him we still had to make a coffee break while compiling 😉

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