Tracing with MTASC and Flashout

JesterXL posted a very nice example of how to trace with MTASC (and -trace) and Flashout in Eclipse.
This is indeed […]

EnFlash – Open Source Framework

EnFlash is an Open Source Framework with several UI components, themes and floating windows like in the Flash MX 04 IDE.
Thanks […]

Flash Player 7 over 90%

The new Macromedia Flash Player Version Penetration is out. Flash Player 7 US and Canada about 90%, Europe 92.3% and Asia 86.3%. Flash Player 6 has now about 97% penetration.
If you want more statsitics check W3schools for Browser-, OS-, Display, Color-Depth and JavaScript-enabled-statistics.
Most people currently use IE6 on Windows XP with 1024×768, 32Bit Color and […]