As John Dowdell already posted Quake goes mobile.
Whoo, Quake! This was the time I was at university and lived in a house with 70 other students with a big LAN. Anyone likes to play DM6?
Happy […]

FLVTool2 V0.16 released

The open source FLV metadata tool FLV Tool2 which upgrades FLV 1.0 to FLV 1.1 has a new release with some fixes and new properties and events.

It is not only an upgrade tool for FLV 1.0 but also can fix already injected metadata with failures. Sorenson Squeeze 4 for example used to save the “height property” […]

AMFPHP 1.0 milestone released

A new milestone for AMFPHP 1.0 is released and it should be the last release before the final 1.0.
Many thanks to the AMFPHP developer team!
The new improvements look awesome. I have been using the AMFPHP 0.9b for quite a while and all works promising.
The behaviour of NetConnection.Call.BadVersion, the nightmare of every AMFPHP user, was changed to […]

Potential Flash 8 Video Codec Improved

The new video codec VP7 from On2 which will probably part of the new Flash Player 8 codename Maelstrom doubles performance and had other improvements as well.
Currently it seems like the older codec VP6 will be included into the new Flash Player but VP7 is also licensed for Macromedia Flash.
I of course hope that VP7 […]

MTASC 1.08 released

A new version of MTASC is available.
The new features:
– fixed getUrl2 stack.
– renamed and hide variable defined by main.
– fixed x instanceof y ? a : b parsing
– fixed try with no catch clauses
– removed mtasc trace message
– added -out
– a lot of small fixes in “std” header
– fixed bug in check for implemented interfaces

With the […]

Flashout released

A new Flashout version with many new features is available. Flashout is an Eclipse plugin and the “F” in FAME.
I had to download JDK 1.5 and Eclipse 3.1 (look on the top-right of the site) which are required by Flashout.
The was already released yesterday and the fixes a […]