AMFPHP 1.0 milestone released

A new milestone for AMFPHP 1.0 is released and it should be the last release before the final 1.0.
Many thanks to the AMFPHP developer team!
The new improvements look awesome. I have been using the AMFPHP 0.9b for quite a while and all works promising.
The behaviour of NetConnection.Call.BadVersion, the nightmare of every AMFPHP user, was changed to be more stable. Look at the Post of 51/2.
I hope I can test the new release in the coming week to see if my big app I am working on migrates flawless with the new release.

6 comments to AMFPHP 1.0 milestone released

  • Don’t expect it to work as is when you migrate, the new AMFPHP throws a lot more errors to help in debugging, therefore you might need to do a couple of mods to get it working again. Like if you call a function with the wrong number of arguments you’lll see it in the NetConnection debugger.

  • Sönke

    Hello Patrick,
    thank you for you comment and of course for your great work on AMFPHP. I will check what I have to change and will blog the results and impressions.

  • I’ve noticed that it doesn’t seem to like when you set up a method in php with default values something like

    function test($var1, $var2 = array()){


    it would be nice if it handled that.

    I haven’t downloaded the newest 1.0 version. maybe it does handle that syntax.

  • hi sonke

    does one HAVE to use MX Pro or is there a workable solution with MX?

  • Sönke

    Hi Richard,
    I think MX works too because you can also use AS 1.0 for writing Remoting classes. I haven’t used MX since MX Pro was released so I ‘m not sure about it …
    Anyway I would recommend MX Pro because in AS 2.0 with strong typing all seems much cleaner (not only Remoting but Flash generally).

  • hi sonke

    right. so the AS1 components work with MX (i have that working here already actually) but the AS2 versions require Pro, yes?

    I haven’t got Pro and can’t afford it. I would far sooner use the AS2 components but…

    well. AS1 it is then. :(