Maelstrom (Flash 8 Player) with file upload and download

There are new details about the Flash Player 8 codename Maelstrom.
This link (PDF) was posted in the Flashcoders list.

Main new features:
– New image API including progressive JPEG, GIF and PNG
– Improved performance
– Better font readability
– Enhanced Video using the videocodec VP6
– Enhanced privacy control
– New IME context switching for asian languages
New file upload and download

“New file upload and download: Maelstrom supports file upload and download capabilities, which are under full user control. A Flash application can request that a file be selected for upload by presenting an Open dialog box to the user to navigate to a file and select it. Applications can also offer to download a file by presenting a Save dialog box. This paves the way for a whole class of RIAs that can intermediate between local content on a user’s machine and the web such as web-based photo management applications that enable users to upload their photos easily.”


Macromedia PDF check page 10-11 for the new Flash Player details

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