MTASC 1.08 released

A new version of MTASC is available.
The new features:
– fixed getUrl2 stack.
– renamed and hide variable defined by main.
– fixed x instanceof y ? a : b parsing
– fixed try with no catch clauses
– removed mtasc trace message
– added -out
– a lot of small fixes in “std” header
– fixed bug in check for implemented interfaces

With the new -out parameter you don’t have to recompile you swf anymore but you can specify a custom target swf which will be created. Sometimes there where problems that MTASC corrupted a SWF and you had to recompile the SWF using the Macromedia Flash IDE. With the new -out this is much saver and has of course other advantages too.

If you are interested in MTASC hacks or mini tutorials also be sure to check

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