Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit

“The JavaScript and Flash Integration Kit allows developers to get the best of the Flash and HTML worlds by enabling JavaScript to invoke ActionScript functions, and vice versa. All major data types can be passed between the two environments including:”

Macromedia Site

The Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit is currently […]

Maelstrom (Flash 8 Player) with file upload and download

There are new details about the Flash Player 8 codename Maelstrom.
This link (PDF) was posted in the Flashcoders list.

Main new features:
– New image API including progressive JPEG, GIF and PNG
– Improved performance
– Better font readability
– Enhanced Video using the videocodec VP6
– Enhanced privacy control
– New IME context switching for asian languages
New file upload and download

“New file […]

Macromedia joins Eclipse Foundation

Macromedia said it will join the Eclipse Foundation and create a “next-generation rich Internet application development tool,” code-named Zorn, based on Eclipse.

News article on news.com.

Further Macromedia now speaks of a Flash Platform i guess as a pendent to the Java Platform.
Now Flash Developers can be called “Flash Platform Developer” ;).

This is very good news. The flash […]