Potential Flash 8 Video Codec Improved

The new video codec VP7 from On2 which will probably part of the new Flash Player 8 codename Maelstrom doubles performance and had other improvements as well.
Currently it seems like the older codec VP6 will be included into the new Flash Player but VP7 is also licensed for Macromedia Flash.
I of course hope that VP7 will part of the FlashPlayer. The examples look very promising and the codec also supports the “Ability to handle dialup rates or broadband data rates without changing the output video size”.

Let’s stay excited!

2 comments to Potential Flash 8 Video Codec Improved

  • topachou

    I really hope it will be the VP7 codec in Flash 8. Because the flash player 8 will be around for maybe 2 years. So it could be a good idea to include the latest technology. No ?

  • ale

    and when is fcs going to support the new codec? that’s fundamental for me