Flash 8/8/8/8

According to a news.com article Macromedia will anouce the new Flash Version on August, 8th and release it a few weeks later. Let’s stay tuned and be curious about the real-time photoshop-effects sites which will grow very fast ;). […]

Flash IK

Flash inverse kinematics:
Check out the Crazy Rabbit and […]

MTASC 1.09 released with Flash 8 support

MTASC 1.09 is released.
It has some fixes and now Flash 8 support.
Check the OSFlash page to this topic.

There are already examples for the new Flash Filter and the MovieClip Blendmode made by LuminicBox.

If you are using FAME you can already go for Flash 8 by installing the Flash Player 8 for IE. The preview with Flashout […]

Northcode releases SWF Studio V3

It look a long time but now SWF Studio V3 is available!
I was already part of the beta and it seems pretty stable and ful of new feature which I missed in V2.2(3).
I am using a Wrapper class with static methods to access V3 features:

Wrapper-class example:
[as]import mx.utils.Delegate;

class com.moglimedia.wrapper.Wrapper{

private function Wrapper(){
// only static usage

public static function fileExists(callTarget:Object,callFunc:Function,path:String):Void{
var […]

Flash Player 8 Public Beta

The Flash Player 8 Public Beta […]

OSFlash Design Contest

Aral Balkan initiated a design contest for OSFlash.org.
OSflash.org uses DokuWiki which is very nice and a Wiki a would always recommend but we like to have a custom look and feel for this great community.
Until now there are only a few sponsors but I am sure that until the end of the contest there will wait […]