Changing the MediaController

I had to change the MediaController because a client does not want the Rewind- and Forward-Button to appear. Also the MediaController only has to show up horizontal.
The Forward-Button only works with MP3 and with FLVs streamed from the Macromedia Communication Server. This MediaController should be used with progressive streamed FLVs.

  1. To change the component open the component FLA: C:\Documents & Settings\YOUR_USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash MX 2004\en\Configuration\ComponentFLA\MediaComponents.fla
  2. Save the FLA under a new name e.g. MediaComponentsWithoutRF.fla
  3. Open the library and double-click the MediaController
  4. Remove the frames 4+5 because the vertical view isn’t needed
  5. Select frame 3 and double-click the MovieClip “_buttons”
  6. Change the layers “tostart” and “toend” to a Guide
  7. Right-click the MediaController in the library and change the Properties
  8. Change the name and the linkage identifier from “MediaController” to “MediaControllerWithoutRF”
  9. Export the SWC (right-click on the MediaControllerWithoutRF in the library) and save it under C:\Documents & Settings\YOUR_USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash MX 2004\en\Configuration\Components\Media Components\MediaControllerWithoutRF.swc
  10. Reload the Component Panel and the changed component can be used

MediaController without Rewind- and Forward-Button

With this workflow you can also change the look & feel of the complete component but in this case it was only a slightly change.

9 comments to Changing the MediaController

  • This is a great tip, thanks for posting it. Do you know if there is there a way to build a customized Flash Player that would let the page author control the start and stop times of an mp3 audio file on a CD-ROM via HTML or XML, so that links on a web page would access from point A to point B on that file?

  • Sönke

    Yes that should be possible. I guess by a custom Flash Player you mean a MediaController?
    An by links you mean communication between HTML and Flash via JavaScript?

  • Thanks for your reply. Yes, a MediaController would be a more precise way of calling it.
    By links, I mean a typical web link that is created by the
    link syntax, where cd| is the variable for the CD-ROM drive letter of the user’s machine.
    Right now, I am using .rm files (RealAudio files) on a CD-ROM because the Real Player allows control the timing within the compressed .rm file by using the syntax:
    file:///cd|/filename.rm?start=”00:00″&end=”00:15″. This creates a .ram metafile in the server that sends a command back to the player to play the first 15 seconds of the .rm file.
    The idea, however, is to create a Flash MediaController that would launch either the entire mp3 file or any portion of it, for example, the first 15 seconds as in the .rm example above.
    The comunication between the MediaController, the server, the browser, and the CD-ROM should be handled in the most efficient manner. I guess JavaScript could do the trick.
    I look forward to your comments. Thanks again.

  • Sönke

    I didn’t understand it completely.
    You are talking about MediaController, server, browser and CD-ROM.
    The MediaController is in a SWF and the SWF is embedded in a HTML-File which normally shows up in a browser. Is the HTML-Site located at the clients computer (on CD-ROM?) or on the server (

  • The MediaController is embedded in an HTML file.
    The audio file is on a CD-ROM.
    The HTML site is located on the server.
    When the user clicks on a link, the MediaController should ideally play either the entire mp3 file or any portion of it as specified by a start and stop time.
    Hope this helps to clarify things.

  • Sönke

    Hello Carlos,
    for this you have to know the drive-letter of the users CD-ROM or the user has to telll the MediaController.

  • That is correct, Sönke! Maybe Flash could query our Learning Management system, which stores that variable (CD-ROM drive letter) for each user.

  • venky

    iam trying to make a clickable seek bar in media controller , is it possible to make a you tube like seek bar with media controller

  • Sönke

    Don’t know if the comonents actually still exists. This post is over 6 years old.