Northcode releases SWF Studio V3

It look a long time but now SWF Studio V3 is available!
I was already part of the beta and it seems pretty stable and ful of new feature which I missed in V2.2(3).
I am using a Wrapper class with static methods to access V3 features:

Wrapper-class example:
[as]import mx.utils.Delegate;

class com.moglimedia.wrapper.Wrapper{

private function Wrapper(){
// only static usage

public static function fileExists(callTarget:Object,callFunc:Function,path:String):Void{
var callback:Object = {callback: Delegate.create(callTarget, callFunc)};

// Then the method can be used like:
function onFileCheck(r:Object):Void{
if(r.result== “TRUE”){
// …

I will make a more detailed review within the next weeks.
There are of course many other Flash Projector Tools out there but I can recommend SWF Studio! What misses now is support for Mac!

4 comments to Northcode releases SWF Studio V3

  • Derek Vadneau

    Glad you like it!

    Just one thing however. res:String as the return parameter is incorrect. The callback function accepts 3 objects, 2 of which you might not care about in this scenario, but res would be an object with a property called result (for FileSys.fileExists).

    function onFileCheck(r:Object):Void{
    if(r.result == “TRUE”){
    // …

  • Sönke

    Thanks! I just corrected the code above.

  • Simon

    Have you any experience of protecting Flash projectors with Silicon Realms software passport. It worked fine for projectors locked with SWFStudioV2 but does not work with SWFStudioV3. Northcode have proposed a work around based on a license.dll file but we can’t make this work and Northcode are slow in responding to our requests for help.


  • Sönke

    Hi Simon,
    I have no experience because I didn’t try securing a SWF Studio V3 project.
    Give the Northcode people a little time. From my experience the answer quickly.