EU Software Patents – Webdemo

Tomorrow is the day when the EU parlament will decide how the handle software patents in the future. Visit my index-page and participate […]

$100 Laptop

Today I read a german news about an upcoming $100 Laptop developed by the MIT which should be introduced in Brasil in 2006. China and other countries, also in Africa, the middle-east and south-east Asia, should follow later.

Currently a computer is more expensive in Brasil than in the U.S.A. or Europe while the people in Brasil […]

Changing the MediaController

I had to change the MediaController because a client does not want the Rewind- and Forward-Button to appear. Also the MediaController only has to show up horizontal.
The Forward-Button only works with MP3 and with FLVs streamed from the Macromedia Communication Server. This MediaController should be used with progressive streamed FLVs.

To change the component open the component […]