Foxit Reader – Ultrafast free PDF Reader

Foxit Reader is a free reader for PDF (eBook) documents. You can view and print PDF documents with it.

Looking at the speed difference between Foxit and the Acrobat Reader it is comparable with compiling in the Flash IDE or MTasc …
Why do the big companies always blow up their software and make CPU- and RAM-killing monsters?

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  • What exactly does this application do that Adobe Acrobat does not do, besides provide free advertising for “Foxit”? Seems like a simple wrapper around the existing adobe reader library. I bet you dollars to donuts if you didnt have adobe reader pre-installed, this application would not work. Companies blow up their software in order to make it more difficult for hackers to decrypt the source. Applications that are resource intensive(“RAM-killers”) are just poorly programmed.


  • What this app does that acrobat doesn’t, is open quick, and have a small filesize. Also, it lets you type anywhere onto any pdf. (which I don’t think acrobat can do normally)

    “Foxit” : 1.3MB zip, just extract and run the exe, no install. Starts up quickly.

    Adobe Acrobat: 19.8MB installer. Takes time to load dozens of ‘plugins’ that will never be used in 99.99% of pdfs

    Both are free. Both have ads for their respective companies.

  • Scott Hyndman

    I for one like it. Thanks!

  • Philippe

    Apparently they have their very one PDF renderer.
    > Foxit provides the a simple and powerful DLL component for PDF viewing

    I’ll give a try


  • Daniel

    Just tried it out, I think it’s very nice.
    Basically it’s got no features exept for basic viewing, but loading files, scrolling, zooming, etc. is really fast (the MMC/MTASC comparision describes it pretty well).
    As for the advertisment, seems you can turn it off (right click…).

    thanks for the hint, regards,


  • Joe

    I was looking around for a small no-install pdf reader. When I do service calls, I take my flash drive with me and I need to be able to read pdf’s that are on it. I hated having to install Adobe on a customer’s computer – it takes forever to install, and I don’t think it runs very fast. I’ll be using this on a regular basis for sure.


  • MQ

    Adam, Foxit PDF Reader has it’s own pdf rendering engine and will work on any pc. It is NOT a wrapper for Acrobat.

    Joe, although it’s a no-install pdf reader, bear in mind that it does add several entries to the registry of your customer’s computer.
    You may want to remove HKCU\Software\Foxit Software after you’re done.

    I love this application!
    Too bad the advertisement can only be permanently disabled by a small registry edit:
    in HKCU\Software\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\MainFrame
    change all the Show****Ad_908 entries from value 1 to 0.