Boring? Desktop.alpha = 0

Looks like Mac-Users have more free/creative time then […]

Flash 8 Examples

Now that Macromedia has officially announced Flash 8 the examples are growing even faster.
I was very impressed by the examples of Flashguru. I guess the most famous link-list is hosted […]

Macromedia Studio 8 announced

As promised Macromedia today announced the new releases of there product family. The new Studio 8 will include Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Fireworks, Contribute and FlashPaper and you can also pre-order the new Dreamweaver 8, Flash 8 and Fireworks 8 seperately.
Shipping mid-September isn’t really a final release date but looking on the calendar and expecting it on […]

Ajax beginners guide

via Josh Dura

Ajax: Asynchronous Javascript and XML applications
How to Develop Web Applications […]

Zorn with mxml2swf compiler

Mike Chambers answers the question if Zorn will work without a Flex Server.
It will be possible to compile MXML to SWF without using Flex. For me the target is clear: Macromedia want to offer MXML to a larger community and not only to the Flex community. What about Zorn pricing? Are there any […]

Powerflasher SOS 1.04 & FDT

A new version of the Powerflasher SOS is available.

“Flash movies can hardly be debugged outside of the Flash IDE by missing
“trace” output. With SOS Flash movies can also transmit messages from
the live system to the developer. The output window of the Macromedia
Flash IDE is very slow and scrolls under circumstance only approximately
80 lines automatically. Whereas a […]