Screenweaver is back and Open Source

Screenweaver was asleep but will be back and published Open Source. Check the blog from van Rijkom and also the blog from Darron Schall who iniciated the discussion about the External Interface API and projector-tools on
This is damn breaking news because

  • the projector tool will be Open Source
  • it will support synchronous calls using the Flash 8 External Interface API
  • Darron works out a command-line version to compile the code with Microsoft’s freely available C+ Toolkit
  • it will probably be the first projector tool which supports Flash 8
  • it is planned to make all the stuff cross-platform (PC,MAC, LINUX) using wxWindows and the Flash Netscape Plugin

How the guys like to say it: Pimped
Many thanks to the people behind this great news!

3 comments to Screenweaver is back and Open Source

  • The license is actually GPL for the Screenweaver source code. This will deter companies from trying to just re-package the source to sell as a commercial solition.

    The projectors created with Screenweaver can be licensed under any license the author wants.

    Also, Screenweaver Core will be released as well, which is a library wrapping the Active-X to support synchronous calls in Flash Player 6 and 7 (think mProjector here).

    I can’t wait to see what the community does with this!

  • Sönke

    hey darron,
    thank you for the hint. I removed the license detail. I was unsure because Edwin said GPL but linked to the LGPL page. can’t wait too!

  • Screenweaver is back and Open Source

    Screenweaver is back in black! OK, that was really poor AC/DC reference. Still, I believe this is great news for all those who are into into this software….