Google Video goes Flash

Google Video switched to Flash video. Check the help-site here. Currently only the FLV 1 is used with progressive download. It would be nice if Google would switch to Flash 8 FLV using the better VP6 codec from O2 which would also force a faster penetration of the Flash Player 8.
Tinic Uro wrote a nice article […]

Flash Media Server 2 public beta

The Flash Media Server 2 public beta is available for download. The beta version will expire on November 18, 2005.
Check the press […]

Count the lines of your sourcecode

I use the GNU utilities for Win32 for counting the lines of my sourcecode. You need the unix commands “find”, “wc” and “grep” if you want to filter the files to count in.
After downloading the utilities put it in your path-variable e.g. “C:\tools\UnxUtils\usr\local\wbin”. Open the commandline, change to the directory containing your sourcecode and enter […]

Flash 8 Remoting available

Macromedia updated the remoting classes and additional stuff to Flash 8.
The installer includes:

Flash Remoting Component
Support files for Flash 8
NetConnection Debugger
HTML content that can be viewed within the Help panel in Flash
ActionScript 2.0 API class […]

Sparkle or “The Empire Strikes Back”

Microsoft anounced their new software Microsoft Expression codename Sparkle. The demo only runs in IE.
Be sure to check the article by cybergrain and swfoo.
Now we’ve got “Experience Matters” vs. UX “User Experience” or Adobe (formerly known as Macromedia) vs. Microsoft 😉
Check the 1h Sparkle demovideo which is […]

On2 releases Flix for Flash Video 8

On2, the creator of the new Flash 8 video codec VP6, released there standalone-encoders.
The encoder comes in three versions Standard, Exporter and Pro. The price for the Pro version which has quite increase in value […]