MTASC 1.10 released

Today is not only Studio release date but also a new version of the Flash Open Source compiler MTASC 1.10.
I grabbed the following changes from the CHANGES.TXT:

  • fixed small problem with class case and import wildcards
  • added exclude wildcards and exclude without file
  • changed TRACE in “trace”
  • added AS keywords as real keywords (including deprecated ones)
  • fixed parsing of objects and array declarations and parameters lists
  • fixed escape sequences in strings and added unicode escape sequences.
  • fixed && and || precedence.
  • fixed duplicate public/static/private qualifiers.
  • fixed for…in variable forced as String
  • no more private and static fields in interfaces
  • implemented field cannot be private
  • better error when same file referenced several times.
  • delete now returns Boolean
  • fixed getVersion() in TopLevel
  • fixed problem in class replace when not -keep and -mx
  • changed -main : now in DoAction and not InitAction
  • fixed stack corruption in new var(expr).
  • fixed break with several stacked
  • disabled variables in interfaces
  • added error message when several classes in same file
  • changed switch implementation
  • fixed typing of ?:
  • fixed stack problem with “for”
  • separate directory and “add” keyword hack for Flash8

I ran into the bold one. Later extending or implenting of classes was not possible after you compiled once with MTASC. Thanks to Nicolas for all the fixes!

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