OFLA Online: The First Online Open Source Flash Conference

Today 18:00 GMT OSFlash will start the first online conference via Breeze.
You will learn about several OSFlash projects presented by their leading developers and other OSFlash related topics. There are rumours about news about MTASC and AS3 and several other exciting looks into the OSFlash world.
More details […]

RDT – Ruby meets Eclipse

There is an Eclipse Plugin for Ruby called RDT.
I found a very good article on this via slashdot: Using the Ruby Development Tools plug-in […]

Flex 2 alpha available for download

Macromedia Labs gone online today.

“This download will install Flex Builder 2, the Flex Framework 2, Flex samples, command line tools, and Flash Player 8.5 for Windows. It also contains a .dmg file that you can copy to your Mac in order to install Flash Player 8.5 for Mac. There is an option to only install the […]

Flash 9 is codenamed BLAZE

Mike Downey blogged a few details about the next Flash 9 IDE codename Blaze. The public alpha will be available in spring 2006 when the Flash Player 8.5 will be released.
Macromedia currently does so many announcements that I really got little confused. First let’s wait for the upcoming public alpha of Flex Builder 2 and Flash […]

OSFlash.org got a new face -sweet

Check the new design of OSFlash.org and if you are a designer you might be interested in the OSFlash Mascot Contest.
Many thanks to Nicolas Coevoet who made the design and to Aral who integrated it into DokuWiki.
I like the sweet […]

Kevin Lynch’s Web 2.0 video with Flex 2 Preview

Mike Chambers blogged a video of the Flex 2, AS3 and the Flash Player 8.5 presentation made by Kevin Lynch.
Flash is your friend!
I am very impressed of the new technologies and the new “Kick ass” Developer Tool 😉
Get more information here: http://macromedia.com/go/web2
As I said the announcement of Sparkle is like “The Empire Strikes Back” I call […]