Flash 9 is codenamed BLAZE

Mike Downey blogged a few details about the next Flash 9 IDE codename Blaze. The public alpha will be available in spring 2006 when the Flash Player 8.5 will be released.
Macromedia currently does so many announcements that I really got little confused. First let’s wait for the upcoming public alpha of Flex Builder 2 and Flash Player 8.5 which starts next Monday.

2 comments to Flash 9 is codenamed BLAZE

  • somaboy

    Is it possible that Macromedia is moving a little to fast here? I assume this quick evolution is due in part to the upcoming competition from MicroSoft, but with this course MM is risking to alienate some of its user base. Especially the ones who are just getting started with ActionScript.

    For myself, I’m quite content with ActionSCript 2.0 the way it stands. Sure a few enhancements here and there, some minor syntactic adjustments and added functionality are always wellcome – but another major overhaul is too much of a good thing for me right now…


  • Sönke

    No I think it’s very good that Macromedia moves fast because there is a big gap between what developers want and how it is currently solved. The most important thing is AS3 and the new Virtual Machine of the Flash Player 8.5 which shall be a few times faster.