MTASC 1.11 and haXe

Nicolas Cannasse released MTASC 1.11 which he called a stable release.
This stable was very important for Nicolas because he wants to concentrate his power in his new invented language called haXe.
MTASC will get no AS3 support but haXe will. But that’s not all. With haXe you are able to program in one language but deploy on multiple platforms.

Basicly, what haXe can do is :

  • create Flash SWF files using Flash APIs for Players 6,7,8 and soon 8.5.
  • generate Javascript code using Browser DHTML API, so you can create AJAX web applications.
  • generate Neko sourcecode that can be used on the Server side or in standalone executable.

There is already an HXDT Eclipse plugin which is in an early state now but surely will grow very fast.
Talking about AS3 get excited about the Actionscript 3.0 book of Collin Moock which was announced shortly.

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