Flash Lite 2.0 available

Adobe released Flash Lite 2 Update for Flash Professional 8. When downloading the update also get the flashplayer for your mobile device via a link in the memberarea. Then it looks like you get a promocode and don’t have to pay for the mobile flashplayer. I can’t test it because currently only Nokias are supported and I am the owner of a SonyEricsson V800.
I hope I don’t need a new handset only because of an alliance of Adobe and Nokia or Nokia also gives developers handsets for free!

Check the supported devices here.

  • Nokia 3230
  • Nokia 6260
  • Nokia 6620
  • Nokia 6630
  • Nokia 6670
  • Nokia 6680
  • Nokia 6681
  • Nokia 6682
  • Nokia 7610
  • Nokia N70
  • Nokia N90

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