Flex Beta 2 released

Yesterday night the new Flex Beta 2 was released by Adobe.
The Flex Enterprise Services are renamed to Flex Messaging Services 2.0.
What is new? Read the release notes.
For the changes between beta 1 and beta 2 read […]

FFMPEG GUI using Flex 2 beta

I have build a GUI for FFMPEG using Flex 2 beta and I can say – that was easy!

FFMPEG is an audio-video transcoding engine to trancode one video format into another and of course lots of more. FFMPEG has been very popular in the Flash community because it supports the FLV Spark H.263 (Flash 6/7).
You probably […]

FLV Knife 0.0.3 alpha

I would like to announce the release of my FLV Knife 0.0.3.
FLV Knife is a tool which helps you working with Flash Video FLVs.
It includes an FLV Player and a GUI for FLVTool2 which lets you add default and custom metadata into FLVs. This includes custom name-value-pairs and custom CuePoint which have to be defined in […]

FF & As 3.0 Language Specification & New AS3 API libs on labs

With the start of FlashForward 2006 in Seattle Adobe released new contens on labs.
Check the FF keynote summary from Jen deHaan.
I am very excited about Apollo!

Check the ActionScript 3.0 Language Specification.

“The Adobe Developer Relations team is releasing a set of free and open ActionScript 3.0 APIs to help developers get started building Flex 2.0 applications.”

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