FFMPEG GUI using Flex 2 beta

I have build a GUI for FFMPEG using Flex 2 beta and I can say – that was easy!

FFMPEG is an audio-video transcoding engine to trancode one video format into another and of course lots of more. FFMPEG has been very popular in the Flash community because it supports the FLV Spark H.263 (Flash 6/7).
You probably know the Riva FLV Encoder I build in the past which also used FFMPEG.

Check the FFMEG GUI here and look into the URL-Parameters which you change of course.

What you have to do is to enter the path of ffmpeg.exe and of your input- and output-video. Then change the parameters to your needs and copy the command with the button into your clipboard. Open the commandline (Start-Execute->cmd) and paste the command.

You can compile your ffmpeg.exe on your own. For instructions read my tutorial on how to compile ffmpeg under windows.
If you don’t want to do that stay tuned until I integrate it into my FLV Knife.

The current FFMEG GUI lacks of validating the input-data. Validating data is handled very nice in Flex but I like to integrate it in the next version. If anyone likes to support on this feel welcome.

The sourcecode of the FFMPEG GUI is available here. The HTML for the sourcecode is generated by Flex 2. What a nice feature!

27 comments to FFMPEG GUI using Flex 2 beta

  • John Giotta

    Now if you can do it with the new codec and allow capture control, that would be awesome.

  • Sönke

    ffmpeg doesn’t support On2 VP6 and capture control only under linux if i am right or what exactly do you mean by capture control?

  • jay araujo

    Looks awesome! Might I suggest disabling audio options on top of blurring them ( top-right panel ). Good Job!

  • Sönke

    hi jay, can you explain more specific what you mean?

  • snorkle

    I’m interested in flex but don’t know it well yet

    How is it possible to invoke an executable (or do any file I/O) on the user’s machine from Flex?

    Wouldn’t that be a huge security concern?

    What am I missing?


  • Sönke

    There is no possibility for flex initiating executeables directly. This is of course due to security reasons.

  • snorkle

    .. Then please tell me how is it possible for your Flex 2 app to invoke ffmpeg.exe?

    I think I’m missing something here :)


  • snorkle


    I realize what you’re doing now :)

    Only preparing the argument/flags and then copying to clipboard!

    I thought you were executing ffmpeg directly


  • Sönke

    Ah, I got it. The FFMPEG GUI runs only in a browser. I can’t invoke the ffmpeg.exe. The GUI only let’s you edit the parameters.

  • chriss

    I only get a blue screen with “Transferring data from fpdownload.macromedia.com…” in the status bar.
    I uninstalled/re-installed flash player 8,0,24,0 but to no avail

  • Sönke

    Hi chriss,
    this is because flex beta 2 is out now and the gui was made with beta 1 which is not compatible. I will fix the things when I have got time.

  • chriss

    Ok thanks
    I’ll try to flex find beta 1 when I have the time

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  • Eric

    I would lie, cheat, steal, beg, barter, and borrow to have a Linux and BSD version of Riva Encoder/Player like the one that exists for Windows.
    The program and it’s GUI make it so easy.

    Seriously, I’d pay up to $100 for it. I need it that badly. I hate that I have to hold onto a copy of Windows and run it just so I can use one program, Riva.

    There is no substitute for Riva Encoder/Player.

  • Sönke

    Hi Eric,

    what you can do is use ffmpeg via commandline and the FFMPEG GUI I have made.
    Perhaps there will be a crossplatform solution when Adobe releases Apollo.

  • Nice GUI! I have to admit it did take me a few minutes of looking for the run button to figure out that it just makes the command line, which you can then run yourself…

    Apollo is out this week, and I’ve only managed “hello world”… As far as I have figured out, Apollo can read and write to disk, but doesn’t seem to be able to launch applications… For security reasons, I would imagine. I have looked (only for half an hour) for a way to launch things with javascript, but that doesn’t seem to be too successful… but, maybe, if the Apollo app and ffmpeg.exe sit in the same folder, and apollo is used to write a *.bat//(*.whatever linux uses) file to the disk, then that could be run?

    Hopefully you’ll be able to launch things with Apollo when it gets beyond alpha…

    I suppose I could just point people to Riva, but… you know, it’s kind of fun to make stuff!

  • Sönke

    Hey Nicholas, thanks for your thoughts.
    I also played with Apollo and am waiting for the next free time to get my hands dirty

  • Rohan Rehman

    I am developing an Air (apollo) app and I am trying to get it to talk to ffmpeg.exe, but the air api dosen’t seem to have public methods that allow executing exe files.

    how did you do it with flex? I am not a flex user, does the flex api allow file execution?

  • Sönke

    My example only prepares a command line argument. There is no executalbe called. AIR neither has the possibility to call executables in the current version and I don’ know if this will come in the future.
    The only way would be calling an executable from AIR via e.g. XMLSocket which does this job.

  • Rohan Rehman

    Thanks for the reply Sönke, I ahve never used the XMLSocket class since I use a lot of flash remoting.
    But you are you confirming that with the XMLSocket class I can run an exe file?

  • Sönke

    No, you have to build another executable with e.g. c++ and this application could communicate e.g. via XMLSocket with AIR and could call the ffmpeg.exe

  • Nikki

    Hey Sonke,
    Could you please elaborate a bit on your comments about calling an exe from AIR using XMLSocket? Esp the part regarding the executable from C++. I have to compile a Trig XML file from a AIR application. Could you suggest a solution?

  • Sönke

    Nikki, I think this it not the right please. I would recommend asking in the apollocoders mailinglist.

  • rich

    i have a problem wherein I need to call an exe file using flex. Can anybody help ?

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