Flash 10

Ok, the title is misleading but you already heard it in the blogs around: 10 Years ago in 1996 Flash was born – Happy Birthday!
Damn this was a long ride!

I startet with Flash 3 in 1998. If you are a Flashdeveloper you perhaps remember the good old days when you had to program games only with gotoAndPlay and tellTarget (this was already Flash 4?). Programmers of other languages were laughing about Flash but you could argument hey, it runs in the browser. People said a browser plugin like Flash never would get an adaption to be for the mass. How lucky they were wrong.
Now it’s more then a fulltimejob to stay on track because in these days the product cycle is pretty much faster and the tools around the flashworld have gotten their own dynamic and grow like China. But the good thing about this that things don’t get boring!
To this anniversary Adobe has published articles by ten flash experts.

Also check the flash splashpage evolution. [Link via flashinsider]

And vote your favorite Flash sites of the last years at FavouriteWebsiteAward.

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