haXe 1.05 released with Flash 9 support

Nicolas Cannasse released a new version of haXe and now the announced Flash 9 support is integrated.

haXe is a new programming language which can be used on the serverside with an Apache module and on the client side as the output can be JavaScript/AJAX, Flash 6,7,8 and now also Flash 9. For more detailed information check the introduction.

A haXe tutorial for Flash 9 is already online.

haXe on digg.com

There is also SWHX to build crossplatform haXe desktop applications with e.g. Flash as the frontend. In one word haXe tries to solve all problems with one language. From my point of view it currently only lacks of a productive IDE to program haXe but this will only be a matter of time. Currently a project called HXDT, a plugin for Eclipse, has already been started but the last update was in December 2005 and Flashdevelop also provides a haXe-plugin.

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