Netvibes my default homepage

I am using Netvibes now for about 6 month and can’t imagine how it would be without.

Netvibes is a personalized homepage which can be customized with several contents like RSS Reader, watch ebay auctions, check your Gmail, integrated iCal, integrated, show flickr photos and so much more. For me it has become a kind of onlineoffice.
Now there is good news because Netvibes good an investor who gave them US $15 million.
Besides of this Web 2.0, AJAX hype discussion I think this kind of applications are damn usefull.
Microsoft has brought up a similiar site called and there are of course many more clones. It is of course very attractive for any company to be THE default page for many internet users. My winner so far is Netvibes so have a look at it.

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