Windows Live Writer

Microsoft has released the beta of Windows Live Writer. Live Writer is an offline Tool to write blogposting and supports the popular blog platforms like WordPress, Blogger, TypePad …

I am currently writing this entry with Live Writer to test it. At the startup I only entered the url of my blog and my credentials. The tool detected that I am using WordPress and I could immidiatly start to write a new entry.

Now let’s try to add a picture:

This seems to work. But I only could select gif or jpg and no png.

The nice thing you see from the screenshot is that Live Writer shows me the style of my wordpress theme.

When you download and install Live Writer Microsoft wants you to install a lot of new stuff like a toolbar, desktop search and other stuff I think so read carefully and doublecheck which checkboxes are selected. Anyway I installed the Desktop Search. Let’s see how it compares to Google. In these days it’s hard to say who you like to trust more: MS or Google?

Ok that’s it. Now I try to “Publish to Weblog”.

This is edited online: all seems to work. Nice and usefull!

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