Zeroi – MTASC logging adapter system

I am proud to announce that Zeroi is now open source and available on

Ralf Bokelberg did the coreengine programming and I added the ability to define a logconfig xml file to filter logs of classes or packages to a specified loglevel.

The main idea of Zeroi is to be able to use any logging system (like SOS, XRay, Luminic Box, …) in your MTASC project, without having to change the code of your app. In fact your code doesn’t even need to know about Zeroi. Inside your app you only use trace statements. The traces are forwarded to the logging system of your choice.
That’s what the name Zeroi is standing for: Zero Impact.

Check the wiki entry on OSFlash for further information.

In a short word when you use the code trace(“e this is an error”); this log is captured by your favorite logging tool like and marked as an error log.

The prefix “e” is interpreted as a loglevel which are d for DEBUG, i for INFO, w for WARNING, e for ERROR and t for TEMP which is supported by SOS, the logging tool of my choice.

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