Flashforward Film Festival winners 2006

And the winner is:

Art – 15×15
Cartoon – The YuYu
Commerce – Reisenthel Accessories
Experience – Design Your Own Radio
Game – Death in Sakkara
Instructional – GeeGuides
Motion Graphics – M5
Narrative – The Ball of Bastards
Navigation – Bid Ideas Come out of Big Pencils
Online Application – Orange Phone Wizard
Original Sound – Samorost2
Technical Merit – Flash Commodore 64 Emulator
3D – CuberXtreme
Typography – […]

Logging from a livesite with SOS

When you develop a flash site/application logging while testing on your local machine is no problem.

I many cases it is also important that you also can log from your live site because things behave differently. It depends on the logger you are using. If you e.g. use the build in “trace” you get nothing when you […]

Flex Builder 2 with Ant

Peter Elst posted how to integrate Ant within Flex Builder 2.

I think there must be another possibility then installing the Java Development Tools
but only Ant. Until then thanks for this information.

FB2 without Ant makes not so much sense to me. I prefer to configure the compile statement and other jobs with Ant. The advantage is that […]

Space character in URLs – FP9 vs. FP8

I had a very strange bug and think it’s so hard to find that I post it.

In my last project I had to load external graphics and I got the URLs out of a database via Webservice and Fluorine. The bug was that the images where loaded in Flash Player 9 but not in Flash Player […]

Fuse – Open Source AS2 animation/filter class library

Last week Fuse was released open source.

Fuse is an ActionScript 2 animation & filter management tool.

It is a classlibrary which support various kinds of animation and filters by code. I have tried it out and can say it works like a charm. What I am missing are strongly typed callbacks and strongly typed property lists but […]