Space character in URLs – FP9 vs. FP8

I had a very strange bug and think it’s so hard to find that I post it.

In my last project I had to load external graphics and I got the URLs out of a database via Webservice and Fluorine. The bug was that the images where loaded in Flash Player 9 but not in Flash Player 8 or below. The project was targeting Flash Player 6 so when testing with FP9 the AVM1 which renders content < FP9 is used. So with FP9 and FP8 a Flash Player 8 is used to render my swf. What can be the difference? At the end it turned out that the database stored the URLs with a space character at the beginning like " myimage.jpg". FP9 with AVM1 seems to trim the URL but not FP8 or below. Now that was a fun to debug!

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  • Binks

    Heh, probably a lot easier to debug; but I had a whole wack of files on my server that I had to delete; so I logged in through FTP, and deleted the folder.

    All went well, except that there was one file way down in a bunch of subfolders that wouldn’t delete. Every time I tried to delete one of the folders it was in, it would say “Folder X is not empty, cannot delete”; but when I tried to delete the specific file, I would get, “File YYZ.txt does not exist”.

    So, a non-existent file was stopping me from deleting a bunch of folders. I had a copy of the file on my local drive and examined it. As it turned out, it had a space at the beginning of the filename. Every time the FTP program tried to delete it, it would trim the space off the front of the filename in the request, (so it was deleting “YYZ.txt” instead of ” YYZ.txt”). I ended up having to email my hosting company and asked THEM to delete it.