FFMPEG GUI with Flex 2 – Update

I updated the little Flex application to work with the final Flash Player 9 as the old version was build with Flex Builder Beta 2. See my old blogpost here.
Open the GUI here (Flash Player 9 required)
It’s Open Source. Simply rightclick and select “view source” or click here.
The command you create is for transcoding to Flash Video (FLV).

4 comments to FFMPEG GUI with Flex 2 – Update

  • Nice! I did something similiar with flex 2 and zinc. With zinc you can even start a process for ffmpeg in the background and open file dialogs. I hope that also apollo will allow us to build apps like these!?

  • Sönke

    I know Zinc but I also thought it would be usefull to have something lightweight.

  • That blur when you uncheck “Enable Audio” fascinates me for some reason. It’s not really disabling the controls, but it makes them visually unusable. It’s an interesting usability choice. Bravo for trying something out of the ordinary.

  • Interesting. I created something like that as well using flex.