GSpot supports FLV

Maybe you know GSpot, a software to analyze videos to determine the codecs and parameters of a video file. I have used it often in the past but stopped using it because many codecs were not support and video evolution is a rapid thing.

Now I saw (due to posts in the ffmpeg-list) that there is a new version since September (first update for 2 years) which supports FLV, MP4, DV1/2 and more.

I already tested it with an FLV (Sorenson Spark and VP2) and it works as expected and tells you a lot information like e.g. the total number of video frames, “Frame Quality” in bit/pixel-frame.

Btw: The discussion in the ffmpeg-list is about the possibility to use VBR for the audiopart of a FLV which is (due to the analyze of GSpot) used by YouTube.

Talking about YouTube I haven’t blogged about the merge with Google as this was even in quite every local news and if you did not know it yet you should get worried about the information channels you are using 😉

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