DVD2FLV Workflow

I have made a research on how you can encode Flash Video (FLV) for DVD/VOB as a source.

Sorenson Sqeeze and On2-Flix do not support VOB as a source. So there has to be an intermediate format from which you can encode to FLV.

I investigated to methods:

  1. Use FFMPEG to demux the VOB to .mpg with this command: “ffmpeg.exe -i source.vob -vcodec copy -acodec mp2 -ab 192 demuxed_vob.mpg”. The output could directly go into a Sorenson Squeeze watch folder to keep things automated.
  2. Use Nero Recode to transcode to H.264. You can choose a datarate up to 10MBit and the resulting filesize is almost equal to the VOB source file.

Nero Recode also provides some feature to cut the video or remove the black borders. The quality loss with an intermediate format of this quality is very minimal and I can’t see any difference to the videos I demuxed with FFMEG and then encoded to FLV. In the export settings set the simple profile which is compatible to Quick Time. Otherwise the .mp4 is Nero world only.

Also be sure to have an eye an Kulabyte. They don’t have released their encoding solution yet but the docs look promising.

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