AIR examples/links, Desktop 2.0 and Adobe Developer Connection

Christophe Coenraets released the code Code from his MAX session in Barcelona about Offline Synchronization using AIR and Live Cycle Data Services.

Rich Tretola (Everythingflex) posted an update of his AIR Update Manager. With the Update Manager you can define the version and update URL of your AIR application and also all dialogs regarding the update can […]

MAX Barcelona – Short Notes

The MAX in Barcelona is great and today is already the last day.

Grant Skinner’s Session “50 reasons why ActionScript 3 kicks ass” was really cool so be sure to check his talk online.

“Customizing the Flex Framework” was presented by Ely Greenfield who made the talk for Deepa who could not come to Barcelona. Check Deepa’s blog […]

Cairngorm 2.1.1 released

Cairngorm 2.1.1 had a long beta phase and is now released on Adobe Labs.

It is now slit up into “normal” Cairngorm and Cairngorm Enterprise for LCDS solutions.

Cairngorm is a microarchitecure/framework for Adobe Flex. I use it in every of my projects and can only recomment it to every Flex Developer. After a small learning curve where […]

MAX Chicago – Short Review

The MAX in Chicago is just over and many awesome new things came up.

There are new betas for Flex 3 and AIR and the prerelease of the new Adobe Media Player.

Other new betas, tools and plugins are on Adobe Labs so check it out.

If you want to view the sneak peeks check Aral Balkan’s blog for […]

Joost beta started

Joost is an online video software based on p2p and made by they guys who brought up Kazaa and Skype.

“It’s video – more than 15,000 shows, with more added daily. It’s online – all you need is a broadband internet connection. And it’s free.”

I tried it out and they UI looks pretty slick. It runs in […]

Adobe Labs – All New: Adobe AIR, Flex 3 and Media Player Prerelease

Today starts the MAX in Chicago. A good day for releasing new software on Adobe Labs.

The betas for AIR and Flex 3 go into round 2 (beta 2). Be sure to check Ted Patrick’s Blog for an introduction on the new Flex 3 features:

Code, Debug and Profiler Enhancements
CRUD Wizard for ASP.NET, PHP, JAVA and WSDL […]