AIR examples/links, Desktop 2.0 and Adobe Developer Connection

Christophe Coenraets released the code Code from his MAX session in Barcelona about Offline Synchronization using AIR and Live Cycle Data Services.

Rich Tretola (Everythingflex) posted an update of his AIR Update Manager. With the Update Manager you can define the version and update URL of your AIR application and also all dialogs regarding the update can be set. Another nice example by him is the AIR Context Menu.

Eric Feminella blogged an AIR extension for Cairngorm. I have not tested it yet but it looks interesting. I have already developed AIR apps with Cairngorm and there is no big difference to Flex web applications.
The badge install for AIR is one of the coolest things looking at the using experience when installing an AIR Application and the runtime itself. Oliver Goldman from the AIR Team posted about an update which closes a security hole.

Christian Cantrell from the AIR Team wrote a nice article about AIR as Desktop 2.0.

When you are new to AIR be sure to check the AIR Showcase and when you start learning AIR be sure to check the Adobe AIR Developer Center which is part of the new launched Adobe Developer Connection. For more on this check the latest Adobe newsletter which provides many interesting links for learning resources and read the ADC introduction by Jonathan Wall.

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  • I am in late beta with a game called ChipWits II. I’d say it’s one of the more complex AIR apps anyone has seen. I just uploaded it to AIR Marketplace.

    It’s a programming game in which players program robots using an iconic language. I wrote the original ChipWits on the Mac in 1984 and this is a big upgrade.

    It’s at

    I need testers so I am beginning to spread the word about it.

    We’ve entered it in the Independent Games Festival:

    Love to hear what you think of it.


    Doug Sharp