MAX Barcelona – Short Notes

The MAX in Barcelona is great and today is already the last day.

Grant Skinner’s Session “50 reasons why ActionScript 3 kicks ass” was really cool so be sure to check his talk online.

“Customizing the Flex Framework” was presented by Ely Greenfield who made the talk for Deepa who could not come to Barcelona. Check Deepa’s blog were the slides and code is posted.

Another great talk was “Local Database Access with AIR and Data Synchroization Strategies” by Christophe Coenraets. He showed the different approaches how to synchronize data like SQL statements in the MXML, using the Data Access Object Pattern and the Object-Relational mapping (ORM) approach using annotations (custom metadata) and the Reflexion API (describeType). Christophe has posted some code regarding the ORM approach on this blog. Now this is opens real new possibilities. Now let’s wait when Hibernate or ActiveRecord is adapted for Flex 😉
Now the talk of Peter Elst starts (AS3 Best Practice) so more to come soon.

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