Photoshop CS3 Photomerge Panorama

I recently tried out the Photoshop CS3 automerge function which works really nice.

Check out this picture:

Hamburg Panorama (click for high res 5170×1528)

Simply select File->Automate->Photomerge. Browse for the photos you like to merge. Select the layout (I used auto) and crop the result.

The photo is made out of three photos shot with my cellular Sony Ericsson K800i 3 megapixel. The photo is made out of the Adobe Office in Hamburg.

And I am late but – Happy new year!

1 comment to Photoshop CS3 Photomerge Panorama

  • chocolate covered musings

    i am working with about 8 photos and using the “blend images together” option. i get lines on my merged picture (looking like cracks on my pic). can you point me towards a tutorial that will help me to figure out how to correct this? if so, please email me? thx