AIR 1.0 and Flex 3 Released Today

Finally AIR 1.0 and Flex 3 our out!

AIR is one of the 10 most emerging technologies of 2008 published by MIT. When you get your hands on AIR read more about the AIR Badge, a customizable way how your users install AIR apps directly from your website.
Be sure to check initiated by Ted Patrick to […]

Yahoo rejects Microsoft offer and comes up with new Flash/Flex Stuff

You must have heard that Yahoo rejects the Microsoft offer due to undervalue and Microsoft renews bit.

Besides that Yahoo released nice things this week: The first was the long expected Yahoo! Maps AS3 Components and second a very nice 3D Flex appliation called Yahoo! NewsGlobe (btw: I like camelcase brands).

It’s nice to see Yahoo’s involvement in […]