AIR 1.0 and Flex 3 Released Today

Finally AIR 1.0 and Flex 3 our out!

AIR is one of the 10 most emerging technologies of 2008 published by MIT. When you get your hands on AIR read more about the AIR Badge, a customizable way how your users install AIR apps directly from your website.
Be sure to check initiated by Ted Patrick to get the answers for WHY Flex and AIR. The videos are really cool! For more examples visit the showcase and AIR showcase.
For an Open Source remoting and messaging solution check BlazeDS and with this release of Flex the SDK has gone Open Source. For more Open Source projects like Cairngorm, FlexUnit and Corelib check the Adobe Open Source site.

For more inspiration and tutorials check Adobe Developer Connection and, a wonderful tutorial site by Lee Brimelow.

Help / Docs / Bugs

While it’s all out now it is time to think about Gumbo (Codename Flex 4) 😉

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