Debug AIR Remote Traffic

I just had to debug some remote calls of an AIR application and was looking for the right tool. In former times for debugging HTTP and Flash Remoting I used Charles Proxy which also does the job for AIR.

Obviously you need no browser plugin. You only have to enable Proxy->Windows Proxy or Mac OS X Proxy […]

Next Flex Usergroup Hamburg Meeting

The next Flex UG Hamburg Meeting will be May 19th. Thanks to Sven and Interone for hosting the event this time.

The last meeting was in our Adobe office and now it’s a god opportunity to visit Interone as they have a really nice conference room in the 19th floor. There are no speakers yet but we […]

LiveCycle Data Services ES 2.6

A few days ago LCDS ES 2.6 beta was published on Adobe Labs.

“Adobe® LiveCycle® Data Services ES is the server-based technology that streamlines the integration of rich Internet applications (RIAs) with LiveCycle Services, J2EE applications, and business logic. This release aligns with the releases of Adobe Flex® 3 and Adobe Flex Builder™ 3.”

Today the Flex […]

WordPress Upgrade

I had to move my domain to a new server and took the opportunity to upgrade my WordPress installation from 2.0 to the lately released 2.5. WIth this new installation I tried a few new plugins. The one I like the most currently is the PDA & iPhone plugin. I tried it with my iPhone and […]

AS3/Flex and the new YouTube API

In the beginning of March YouTube made a new release of there WebService API:

“We now provide a complete set of (CRUD) capabilities for uploading, managing, searching, and playing back user videos and metadata from the YouTube “cloud,” managed by us. We do all of the hard work of transcoding and hosting and streaming and thumbnailing your […]

Using the Flash Player Cache for the Flex framework

Since Flash Player 9.0.60 aka Moviestar got the new feature Flash Player Cache:

“The Flash Player cache enables common components, such as the Flex Framework, to be cached locally and then used by any SWF from any domain. Use of the Flash Player cache can significantly reduce SWF file sizes and speed application download times.”

Flex 3 uses […]