Hobnox Audiotool now open

Andé Michelle anounced that you can now try out the Hobnox Audiotool withouth a beta invitation or registration.

“Here it is, it’ll supply you with an emulator of some famous little machines, used by DJs, producers and bands all over the planet. Right now, we can equip you with a rebuilt Roland TR-808, TR-909, TB-303 and some floorboards. Interested? Give it a try!”

I tried it out during the beta and really liked the app which works very intuitively as you can simple link the boards and effects by drag-n-drop the cable between them.

Hobnox Audiotool

2 comments to Hobnox Audiotool now open

  • Hey Söhnke, just a quick note that we just rolled out an update of the Hobnox Audiotool. As promised the TR808 is now online, along with two new stompboxes (Compressor and Bitcrusher) and some enhanced functions. Saving is still not possible yet, we’re working hard to make it happen for the next update.
    More infos here: http://tinyurl.com/68wgvb

  • Thanks David, I already saw this in André Michelle’s blog. Saving would off course be cool to share the music with anybody.