WordPress Upgrade

I had to move my domain to a new server and took the opportunity to upgrade my WordPress installation from 2.0 to the lately released 2.5. WIth this new installation I tried a few new plugins. The one I like the most currently is the PDA & iPhone plugin. I tried it with my iPhone and it looks pretty cool so if you also own one point it to my domain to have a try.

Against spam I am now using Akismet which comes with WordPress out of the box and it seems that it does was it is expected to do. After one day already more then 100 spam posts were blocked and no one came through. Spam also got me when I tried to make a backup of my old WordPress files to reimport them on my new installation. As WordPress 2.0 had no build in export I used WordPress-to-Wordpress Import. When I tried to import the XML into my new 2.5 installation I exceeded the 8MB upload maximum and I stucked – what? My post are more then 8MB? I had a look into the database and here you are: more then 13.000 comments. Browsing the comments in the DB I realized that quite all were marked as spam and were the reason for my big export file. A quick DELETE FROM wp_comments WHERE comments_approved=”spam” was a good diet for my exports. Spam sucks so much!

However, I hope my server change went well. Please let me know if you encounter any problems.

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